Friday, February 25, 2011

Playing Outside

Dear Addilyn, You LOVE to play outside!!  If it's hot we strip you down.

If it's cold we bundle you up.

If the weather is perfect we go to the park.

Here you are riding the lawn mower with Daddy.

Taking a break on the steps.


And this is one of your favorite things to do...playing in the mud!!

Those boots washed right up.  ha!
Love you, Momma

Cousin Eddy

Dear Addilyn, When we went to have Christmas at Papa and Mamaw's we were greeted outside by "Cousin Eddy".
Cousin Eddy was wearing his 1977 softball shirt with black dickie underneath of course!

Relaxing on the couch sippin' egg nog
Want to see a close up of thos snazzy shoes?

Maybe next year "Snots" will appear too! 
Love you, Momma

Thursday, February 24, 2011

2nd Christmas 2010

Dear Addilyn, You were 14 months old for your 2nd Christmas.  Daddy decorated the outside of our house so pretty.  Here you are helping with one of the decorations.
Here you are rearranging the ornaments.

Our attempt at a nice picture in front of the church Christmas tree

Christmas Eve-leaving milk and cookies for Santa

Look what Santa brought!!!!!!

Your very own Kitchen Set!  And some Sid the Science Kid dvds.

This is your pretty Christmas dress that Nana bought for you.

And this is your slide that Papa and Mamaw got.  Papa had a rough time trying to get this slide.  I'm glad you like it so much!

You got many other lovely things.  You are blessed with lots of family.  "Santa Claus" is fun and I want you to have those memories because I do. However, I want to teach you about Jesus, the real meaning of Christmas.  He's the most important!!
Merry Christmas!
Love, Momma

Happy 1st Birthday!!!!!

Dear Addilyn, Your 1st Birthday was "Old MacDonald's Farm" themed.  You and I liked to go up to our cousins' barns and look at their animals so I thought that would be fitting.  Here is your barn cake and farm animal cupcakes.
Singing "Happy Birthday" to you

Yummy cupcake! For some reason you didn't tear into this one like you do at home.  I guess there was just too much going on.

You got lots of nice toys, clothes, diapers, movies, and even cash.  I think your favorite thing was this ride on dog that your Uncle Andy got you.  (this was a steal at a yard sale for only $1.00-crazy)

Aahhhhh Aahhhhh
Givin' lovins'

Aunt Karrie trying to hold you

Another fun toy even though you can't see it because Momma is a horrible picture taker.  I believe this was another great yard sale find from Mamaw. (we love a good yard sale find)

Happy 1st Birthday!
Love, Momma

Our Day at the Zoo

Dear Addilyn, For your birthday we took you to the zoo.  I think you liked it.  Kinda hard to tell by this pic.

Some of the animals

By the end of our day you were snoozing. 

So sweet.....Love you, Momma

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Dear Addilyn, your Momma loves going to the Pumpkin Patch.  Guess just because I love the Fall so much.  Here was our trip to the first Pumpkin Patch.
You and Momma

You and Daddy

It was right about here when a giant sheep was "baaaaa ing" and you lost it.  Scared you to death. We attempted some more pics but you were done.  This trip only lasted about 20 minutes.

The next weekend or so we went to another Pumpkin Patch.  This time Anna-Kaye and Samuel went with us.

The line for the hayride was sooo long.  You fell asleep while we waited and never woke up.  You slept through the whole thing! Anna-Kaye and Samuel picked out pumpkins and we got you one too but when Samuel left the house he took yours too.  I think he was taking it to Seth..that's sweet!

Love you, Momma

Making Messes!

Dear Addilyn, You, like all kids love to make a mess! It's okay.  I love to photograph your mess! Here's a couple pics of you eating chocolate cupcakes. (this is one area where you definitely take after your Momma instead of Daddy-you LOVE chocolate!!)

And here you are eating some nasty canned spaghetti or something.  Thankfully, for you, I quit buying that stuff.
This is when you got caught emptying out your dresser drawer.  That's a guilty face!!  Probably would've been a good training moment but....I opted to laugh about it and take a picture.

Momma's new Parenting magazine and coupons...ripped and chewed.

And lastly, probably my favorite, you unravelling the toliet paper.  Again, a good opportunity to do some child training but....then what would I blog about.  Ha! I thought this pic was so cute.
Love you, my little messy child, Momma