Monday, March 7, 2011

Daddy Help!!!

Dear Addilyn,  Diapers are for pooping.   Small pink pottys that we paid $24.99 at Target are for pooping.  Warm bubble baths with rubber duckies and clean little girls are not for pooping!  Seriously already.

This post has no're welcome.

                                                                 Love you, Momma

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Woo Pig Sooie! Go Hogs Go!

Dear Addilyn, Your Daddy is a huge Hog fan...which means we all have an assortment of Razorback clothes.  In addition to your clothes, you've also had Razorback bibs, sippie cup, paci, and sockies. Here you are supporting our team.


You and Daddy

This is your pink Razorback sweatshirt.

I hope you grow up liking sports and the Razorbacks.  But, you can't go to the U of A...that's just too far away from Momma!! 
Love you...

Random Cuteness

Dear Addilyn,  Here are a few of Momma's (awful photography skills) favorite pics of you.  You hated your swing...not sure how I managed to get this pic without you crying.

I was given some money from my aunt as a shower gift.  I went and picked out this outfit for you.  Red and favorite colors. 

Your 1st time to wear blue jeans! I remember laughing when I put these on you.  So cute.

This was your tutu outfit that Nana bought. Aunt Kimmy stopped by after school and dressed you.

Chubs in the tub!!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this outfit.  My friend from church lets me buy clothes that her little girl has out grown.  You wore this to a supper at church when we were welcoming our new pastor.

Pretty eyes

Talking on the phone. 

This was your Halloween costume for church.  I got this at a yard sale and thought you'd be so cute since we had a farm theme at our church's Fall Fest. was a little small so you wore overalls instead.
Momma's Little Lamb

Love you, Momma