Monday, December 31, 2012

Peeing On Daddy

Dear Addilyn,  For the record because I know you'll enjoy reading this one day.....
Yesterday morning Daddy was rocking you.  All of the sudden he said "Addilyn, did you pee on me?" And you said in your sweet little voice "Yes".  Daddy had to go take a shower.  Good times.....

We had a White Christmas....I took lots of pictures that I will hopefully get uploaded soon.  You received many gifts from everyone....a pink dune buggy, a four wheeler, a tent, princess book, a new coat, a Lalaloopsy mermaid doll, a back pack, princess lunch box, a Dora the Explorer car, and $20 and other stuff I'm probably forgetting.  Our electricity went out Christmas night so we had to stay with Papa and Mawmaw for a few days.  Friday night Samuel spent the night with us and you woke up burning up with fever.  Made two trips out to Primecare to find out you have a double ear infection AND the nurse thinks your tonsils are growing back.  Great.  Anyways.....long story short...with the electricity going out and us not having any heat your Daddy and began making plans to build a house with a wood stove!!  That night when you were so sick I realized that my plans aren't God's plans....and I need to wait on God.  What if I need to quit work to stay home with you?  I could do that now (even though you love school) but if we built a house I couldn't.  So, my goal for 2013 is to be thankful for what we have, content, and appreciative.  My desire is for us one day to have a house, but until God makes a way, I won't push it.  Last night we had testimony service at church and I was reminded to just wait on God's timing.  Toni and Erin sang "Did I Mention".  The song says "when there seems to be no way, He made a way".  God will make a way....I'm going to start praying diligently for God's will in our lives.  Momma has to do some you!  - Momma

Monday, November 26, 2012

God is Faithful

Dear Addilyn,
I want to record this.....Last Sunday morning your Daddy told me he had some money for the "Christmas Family".  In our Sunday School class we take up money every year and then give it to a family in need.  Your Daddy told me that morning that he had $20 to give.  He wore a shirt that he had not wore since last year and later in the day, after giving his $20, he found another $20 in his shirt pocket.  Makes me smile.  You can never out give God!!!!  I hope we can teach you that as you grow up.
                                                                  I love you!!!

P.S.  Wednesday morning you peed on me in the bed.....I want to record that too!  ha!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Grandma Teen & Sewing Buttons

Dear Addilyn,
Saturday night I was getting our church clothes ready and picked out your yellow and pink pig smocked dress.  But, a button was missing so I called Grandma Teen.  Grandma Teen has hundreds of buttons, needles, and thread.  (because she never throws away anything)  You momma didn't have anything to sew with.....nothing.  I can always call Grandma Teen and she will have whatever I need....sugar, eggs, bacon, Vicks rub, stamps, and needles and thread.  One time, when I was dating your Daddy, I wanted to wear this button up black shirt.  A button was missing so I went to Grandma's and sewed it up.  Your Papa Bud was still alive then.  Here it is 6 years later....maybe I should purchase some needle and thread alreayd.  Anyways, when I got home and started threading the needle your Daddy said I was doing it wrong so he took over.  He sat on your bed and sewed your little smocked dress up for church.....he's a sweet Daddy!!  The reason I wanted to post this is to remember 2 things.
1.  There is a reason Grandma Teen has kept all those Cool Whip tubs full of buttons and thread...someday, someone may need them. 
2.  When you were 3 yrs old your Daddy was sitting on the edge of your bed sewing a button onto your smocked dress.

Sweet memories!!

                                                                 Love you,  Momma

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Uncles the Sheriff

Dear Addilyn,
Your uncle was voted in as the new Sheriff in town last night!!  Wooo Hoo!!  We are soooo very excited.  He and your Aunt Kimmy have worked so hard for YEARS for this.  At the watch party last night, you were running around with your cousins and started coughing pretty bad so we had to leave.  But, Daddy kept me informed on the numbers and we celebrated at home.  I'm glad this election is over and I hope your Aunt Kimmy can get back to yard saling because you need some new clothes!!  I love you Addilyn!
                                                              - Momma

Friday, November 2, 2012

Here Lately.....

Dear Addilyn, Alot of things have gone on in the past week....lets see...

You got sick On Wednesday night...
101.4 fever....
I took off work Thursday and took you to the Dr...
Nurse said you have a virus and didn't give us any medicine.....
101.5 fever...
I took off work on Friday.....
You turned 3 years old on Saturday....
Had to miss the Fall Festival Saturday night because you were still sick...
Had to miss church Sunday.....
Did go over to Mawmaw and PawPaw's to have a small party with your cousins....
You coughed till you threw up Sunday night....
I took off again Monday because you were still sick...
Trip # 2 to the Dr and you were diagnosed with Strep....
Monday night you coughed again till you threw steamy bathroom and 2 trips to sit outside in the cold air later and you were still having coughing attacks.......
Mawmaw and Kim kept you on Tuesday....
I called the Dr again and got you some liquid steroids....
Kim called and said you were really bad....
Took you to the hospital...
Chest x-rays, lots of crying, and 3 hours later you were diagnosed with Croup...
Daddy held you while you got a steroid shot....
Wednesday Daddy stayed home with you....
You missed your Halloween party at school and Trick or Treating that night......
Thursday Mawmaw stayed home with you........
It's now Friday and you are feeling better.....
I've talked to your teacher twice and she said you're doing good........
Now Momma has a sore throat....  smile.

I love you baby girl....
I hate you Strep throat and Croup....and the ER.
Your Cinderella cake was BEAUTIFUL!!!
I got no pictures because we left the camera at home.  Awesome.
So glad you're feeling better and able to sleep after 7 nights of being up.

- Momma

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Dear Addilyn, Your tubby momma started another diet today.  We shall see where that goes.... Also, with that I'm trying to get a grip on our finances.  Your daddy gave me $40 to last until September 14th.  I just went to Target and bought you a shirt (for a wedding that you're in) daddy some soap, and me some diet pills.  Spent $14....that leaves $26.  No Taco Bell for me...........the way I see it, this little plan will go hand in hand.  Oh yea, and last night you slept with daddy.  He just told me that in the middle of the night you stood straight up in bed.  Must have been dreaming.  :)   Love you,  Momma

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Eve of School

Dear Addilyn,
It's 10:56pm on Sunday night before the first day of school.  My emotions are strong.  Much better than this time last year because you were about to go to daycare for the very first time.  I was a nervous wreck. But now it's a year later and I know you enjoy school and my only worry is you biting other kids!!  Please stop that!  However, tonight I'm sad for another reason.........I miss your cousins.  We got to see them Saturday while we were fishing but not for long.  My heart aches to spend time with them.  I don't really know how to put it into words so I'll not even attempt but God knows.....  I always (well except for when you fall alseep watching Barnyard as of late) sing "What A Day That Will Be" to you while you fall asleep.

"There is coming day.  When no heartaches shall come.  No more clouds in the sky.  No more tears to dim the eye.  All is peace, forever more, on that happy, golden shore.  What a day, glorious day, that will be."

Then it says.....

"There'll be no sorrow there.  No more burdens to bear.  No more sickness no pain.  No more parting over there.  And forever I will be, with the One who died for me.  What a day, glorious day, that will be.
What a day that will be.  When my Jesus I shall see.  And Iook upon His face.  The One who saved me by His grace.  When He takes me by the hand.  And leads me through the promise land.  What a day, glorious day, that will be."

Sometimes when I sing this I think about fiances......I won't have to worry about finances anymore.  No more credit card bills, or doctor bills.  Sometimes I've thought about sickness and surgeries.  You and I have both had surgery this year.  There'll be no iv's or recovery rooms in Heaven.  Sometimes I just think about strolling down the street of alarm clark, no schedule, no waiting for 5 o'clock to get here so I can rush home to see you........but tonight when I was singing I had another burden on my mind.  Three actually.  :)  I long for that day when we can lay those burdens at the foot of Jesus, worship Him, and stroll down the golden avenue.  I think about Preacher Teel.  One time I heard that he said when he gets to Heaven he wants to sit down on a hillside with Jesus and talk.  How simple.  How humbling.  How totally "burden lifting" would/will that hunker down on a hillside and talk with the Almighty.  I can't wait.  And you know what?  We'll be there for eternity!!!!!  Forever and ever.  No more feeling like it's the night before school starts and I didn't even get to do this or that.  No more Mondays....everyday a weekend.  I don't think the Bible says that but that's what it will feel like to me.  I feel better already!  I guess I will lay down next to you now and try to get some sleep.  Tomorrow is the first day of school......
                                                              Love you, Momma

UPDATE....Preacher Teel, age 95, a man of God, passed away on October 23, 2012.  I attended his funeral last Friday.  I kept thinking about him sitting on that hillside talking with Jesus.  Made me cry and smile at the same time. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Dear Addilyn, I doubt I'll ever forget this but just for the record......last night you pooped on our kitchen table.  You were acting like a "puppy dog".  We took pictures and text'd them to Aunts Kimmy and Karrie.  Karrie said not to invite her over for supper anytime soon.  Thank goodness Daddy was there to clean it up.  Love ya kid, Momma

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Little Artist Part 2

Dear Addilyn, You fell in Children's Church and hurt your nose (broke??) so I stayed home with you on Monday.  You and I went to Krogers and bought some cupcakes.  I may or may not have ate a few.  Anyways, I was doing something and came back into the kitchen to find you up on the table "painting".  As a result of this little painting activity our kitchen is now stained pink.  Lovely. 

I can't believe my child wasted good icing!!  I think I was more upset about that than I was the table.  ha
                                                                  Love you,  Momma

Working in the Garden 2012

Dear Addilyn, We have another big (for us) garden this year and you've enjoyed helping us work it.  You love to pick the tomatoes and spray the water.  This summer has been so HOT so I'm surprised it's grown so well.                                                     Love you, Momma                                               

Potty Training

Dear Addilyn, You are 4 months away from being 3 years old.  You are not potty trained.  Since your school is closed this week and you are home we decided to really work on using the potty.  We even bought you a new Dora potty seat however, you thought it was a swim ring and threw a fit when I sat it on the potty.  You got it and put it around your waist and said you wanting to go "simmin".  It's day 5 of the training and you've yet to pee pee in the potty.  You HAVE pee peed on the carpet about 7 times, pooped on the slip n slide and on Mawmaw's floor.  We need help.  Here you are sporting your potty seat and going "simmin".
                                                                    Love you,  Momma

Friday, May 11, 2012

God Always Provides!!

Dear Addilyn,  Your Momma has been anxious all day because of a financial situation.  Not that you know what that is and I hope you don't for a long long time.  Anyways, my friend and I were talking at work about payday not being till Tuesday and today is Friday.  I sent your aunt Kimmy a text and told her I was going to have a yardsale tomorrow.  I figured I could just put a sign in our yard and hopefully sale a few things.  She said not to because it's suppose to rain.  Well, your Daddy just sent a text and said I got a check in the mail for $150 from my Dr.'s office for an overpayment.  Woo Hoo!!  God always provides when you put Him first.  He is faithful!! 

"Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."  Malachi 3:10 KJV

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Dear Addilyn, You are 2 years and 6 months old.  Sunday morning your Daddy told us he'd take us to McDonalds after church Sunday night.  Sunday night I was putting you in your carseat and you said "Uh go Donalds.  Chicken."   ha ha ha ha...So funny to me.  First of all I can't believe that you remembered but second of all just that you're getting big enough talk so well and tell us what you want.  I remember loving going to McDonalds as a kid.  (still do) Now if I can just get you to say "Taco Bell". 

                                                                        Love you,

Friday, April 6, 2012

"The Next Time He Comes" - Stamps Baxter School of Music

This song has been on my heart the past few days.  Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny

Dear Addilyn, Your teacher at school took these sweet pictures yesterday.

Momma Loves.

Daddy says we need to get you a bunny now. 
I love you!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ballgame, Biting, and Big Girl

Dear Addilyn,  You're a biter.  Why???? Last week was bad.  Momma had to leave work and come get you at school to discipline.  Not good.  Kiddo, you have GOT to stop biting.  If you get kicked out of school (which you love) then we will all have to move in with Grandma Teen.  We love Grandma Teen, but she keeps it very warm and goes to bed really need to reconsider this behavior.  Momma has done a lot of reading and asking is suggested that you need an alternate way of expressing your frustration.  So, yesterday and this morning we practicing saying "No No No" while clapping our hands INSTEAD of biting when someone takes a toy away.  Cheesy I know but we've got to do something.  And we are praying....ALOT.  :)
Saturday we went to Anna-Kaye's ballgame.  You were so good!!  You stayed close to Momma and played with sticks.  Very thankful.  Hopefully we can go to many more this year.  It's so nice being able to take you more places now that you're getting to be a "big girl".  And speaking of being a big girl.. last night for the very first time you sat through church.  Yeah!!!  Momma is sooo proud!!  You were very quiet and played with colors and a few dinosours. One of which started roaring in the middle of church but I quickly put it away.   Oh well.....I love you so much!  I'm anxiously awaiting 3:30 to find out if you had a good day at school (and did not bite)    Love you, Momma

Losing Weight- 4 Weeks

Yikes!!!  + "celebrate" I went to Krogers and bought ingrediants for a Blueberry Cheesecake!  Go me!  The Big Loser.....  oh well....

Monday, March 26, 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wanted: Vacation

Dear Addilyn, Your momma really wants us to go on vacation.....somewhere, anywhere.  I just want to get out and drive and sleep in a different bed.  Minus our night in the hospital last month, and our night in the hospital when you were born, I have spent the last 35 months at home without going anywhere.  I'm thankful we have a home...just very very bored I guess.  Lately I've looked up nice places to visit....zoos, campsites, cabins, parks.....I'm not picky.... anybody want to fund a little vaca for this momma????  Probably not.  Oh well....maybe in the next 35 months.  Love you, Momma

Monday, March 19, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012


Dear Addilyn, Today my eyes fill up with tears because I'm so thankful you are healthly.  My heart is so heavy for little Stella Mulhearn.  Lat night I cried myselft to sleep praying for her and feeling guilty for taking you for granted.  You were kicking the wall, flopping around, fighting sleep while wearing your new pink "min mouse" night night clothes and I just kept thinking about what Stella's momma would give to have her sweet baby at home.  I don't personally know this family but I ache for and Stella are both 2..I can't imagine the pain of what they are going through.  There are so many things I could write but basically I just want to say "I love you, I'm thankful for you, and I'm going to do a better job as a momma to enjoy each and every moment we have together."   Praying for Stella...... 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Losing Weight - 1 Week

Dear Addilyn, Ok so in 4 months your Daddy and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary.  Your Momma really REALLY wants to be healthy by then...aka lose the 30 pounds I've put on since we got married.  I'm not a good dieter...there have been 2 times in my life that I've stuck with it and lost some but this time I want to lose it and not gain it back.  I just want to make your daddy proud.  :)   He said (my request) that he would take us camping if I lost it and, we are going camping at Gilbert!!!  So, Momma has GOT to do it this more giving in and eating a whole birthday cake...when it's not even anyone's birthday!! I just got off the treadmill so I'm feeling pretty confident at the moment.  ha!  I walked 20 mins and went about 1.2 miles.  You gotta start somewhere.  I am down 2.5 pounds from where I was 1 week ago...but that probably doesn't count seeings how I totally forgot I was on a diet mid week.  Anyways, here's to week 1... our anniversary is July 27th. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Redneck Purchase

UPDATE:  After we got home and read the consumer reports on this product (and realized some unpaid bills) we decided to return it.  :(  We also were afraid you wouldn't be able to climb up it.  Lesson learned...make sure you REALLY REALLY need/want an item before purchasing it, loading it in your vehicle, and unloading it in your shed.....especially if the item weighs 100+ pounds and it takes a Target employee and a flat cart to do all of this...BECAUSE, if you have to RETURN the item it's a major pain!!

Dear Addilyn, Last night your Daddy and I made bought you this.............we have laughed because your momma bought USED tires for the car recently.....and we bought a USED truck for Daddy with 174,000 miles......BUT, you will have the best backyard water toy around.  We just hope your able to climb up it.  Can't wait for your cousins to come over and try it out with you.  No vacation this year....  :).  (actually, we figured that we could spend the money and go on a small vacation that you may or may not like...or we could buy this thing that we know you'll love all summer long)  We love you!!!  Daddy & Momma

Friday, March 9, 2012

2 Weeks Post-Op

Dear Addilyn, We are now 2 weeks post-op and I'm so happy for you.  I remember thinking in the hospital "I wish we could fast forward 2 weeks."   Yesterday you had your follow up appt and the Dr said you are 80% healed.  Thank goodness!  You ate a corndog, tator tots, and coke on the way to the Dr....he asked if you were eating well......I just said "yes".   (Just saw the title of my last post....uh oh...kinda forgot about the little weight loss plan- can I claim short term memory loss???) I love glad it's Friday!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Losing Weight

Dear Addilyn, Your fat momma has got to do something about this weight issue.  It keeps getting bigger! ha! Today I got up at 5:30am and walked on my treadmill.  Ate a salad for lunch...and a turkey sandwich.  And a...just kidding.  Anyways, I want to do this for you, for your Daddy, and for me.  Lets see where I'm at this time next week.  I love you!  By the way, today I didn't want to take you to daycare since you're still recovering from surgery.  Mamaw came over to stay...she called a little bit ago and said you were as mean as a snake.  ha ha ha.  What? My Baby????  She also said you slept till 9 which is unheard a bunch of Lucky Charms, a pancake on a stick, and were now eating dinasour chicken.  Oh yea, you pooped already too.  :)  Glad Mamaw got that one.   Gotta get to work...Love you, Momma

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How We Went to Sleep Tonight

Dear Addilyn, It's been 5 days since your surgery.  It's been bad.  I don't want to talk about it....sorta like what Forest Gump said...."That's all I have to say about that."   However, tonight when we went to bed you held my hand.  I'm up at 1:34am typing this just so I can remember.  :)  I hope I always remember that even in the midst of the crappiest, tear-filled shall pass and you can go to sleep happy, holding hands.....I love you.  You are the strongest little girl.........  Momma

Friday, February 24, 2012

In the Hospital

Dear Addilyn,  Today you had your tonsil surgery and we are staying the night in the hospital.  Right now you are asleep on your Daddy.  Thankfully the doctor upped your medicine and said you could have Motrin in between.  Maybe that will help with your pain.  Today has been rough.  I'm so sorry you are hurting and I've even second guessed my decision about this whole thing.  You've had strep throat like 7 times so I kept saying "Something has to be done!"  Now that you are in pain each time you swallow and can't eat I'm thinking "I'm the worse Momma ever!"   Just wish we could fast forward about a week......  You did so well this morning.  We woke you up at 5ish to be out here by 5:45.  You were smiling in the carseat and then fell back to sleep.  The nurse gave you some goofy medicine.... ha ha ha...wish I would have had that on camera.  You were lovin' life at that point.  It didn't get bad until we came to our you keep pulling at your iv, pulse ox, and bp cup.  (which momma took off of you twice)  Karrie brought you some balloons and stuffed animals in a gift basket, Pepaw and Nana brought you a book and Elmo toy, Kimmy, Alli, and Seth brought you a princess cup, dinasours, elephant, and red roses.  :)  As I'm typing this I'm reminded again about Trey, and Stella and all the other kids that have cancer and how their families have LIVED in a hospital...   And here I am thinking "woe is me" because we are staying 1 night.  I can't imagine what they have gone through.....makes me humble, and ashamed.  Guess sometimes you just need to stop and think about how blessed you really are........  I love you baby girl....Momma can't wait till you feel better and can go eat at Golden Corral again! (like we did last night for your final meal)  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Day Before

Dear Addilyn, Tomorrow is your surgery.  I'm more nervous right now than I was the day before I was going to have you.  I'm more nervous right now than I was the day before I was going to marry your Daddy.  It's the day before....I can't imagine how I will feel tomorrow.    I love you.....many people are praying. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Do You Still Watch the Duggars?"

Yesterday I went to lunch with some co-workers.  One of them asked "Do you still watch the Duggars?"

You see, yesterday I got up, got ready, got Addilyn up and ready and drove to daycare.  Then went and worked 8 hours.  After work I went and bought groceries. (hubs picks up Addilyn)  Got home a little before 6.  My husband had the chicken I had thawed out boiling for me.  I made a close version of Paula Dean's chicken pot pie.  While that was baking I mixed up a Catalina salad, then delivered it down to our church kitchen for a meal today, then I drove down the road to my aunt's house to deliver her bowl I had.  While I was at my aunt's house I stepped in mud...since I only have 1 pair of shoes I wear to work I had to put them in the washer when I got home.  We ate supper, I loaded the dish washer with what would fit, folded a load of clothes that were in the dryer from the night before, ironed all of our clothes for today, packed Addilyn's bag, put the leftovers in the fridge, gave Addilyn a bath.  Brushed her teeth, combed her hair, got her blankies out. We watched you tube videos of whales and dolphins at her request, then I hand washed the dishes that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher, put those away.  Hand washed Addilyn's sippie cups.  Rocked Addilyn.  Got her to bed.  Took a shower.  Put the clothes in the dryer.  Laid my shoes across a vent to dry over night.  Locked the door, turned the living room ceiling fan off and got in bed around 10ish.  Turned the tv on and there they were.....The Duggars.  So from 10-11 I stayed awake watching had been awhile.  Jim Bob was home alone with the 4 little girls who have all grown since I saw them last.  Why little Josie was running around....last I knew she was having to stay upstairs on still on oxygen.  So to answer my friend.....yes, when I have time......I still watch the Duggars.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Dear Addilyn, You are having seizures again.  These started when you were 5 months old.  Your Pediatrician thought it was 'behavioral" and said most babies grow out of it around 9 months.  We waited until you were 13 months and went to Children's Hospital for an EEG.  My understanding is that you have to have a seizure during the EEG for it to show anything.  You screamed the whole time during the test, did not seize and therefore had a normal EEG- which we were greatful for.  You eventually stopped having the seizures all together, until now-at 28 months.  This past week I've noticed you having them and told your Daddy.  Just today your aunt Kimmy called to tell me you were having them yesterday.  Momma's heart is broke.  Like I've said many many times over, I know it could be much worse.  I just feel like in our little world, we cannot catch a break with all the sickness.  We've been to the Dr like 15 times in 6 months.  I don't even know what to do this time.  I honestly don't want to take you to the Dr again.  One because I think it will be a waste of time and I don't want to put you through anything else and two, I'm afraid of what we will find out.  I don't want to know.  Right now you are healthy.  I want a healthy baby.  This may sound completely irresponsible to others but I'm just sharing my heart and my fears.  We have 10 days until your tonsil surgery and hospital stay.  That is enough for me to worry about for now.  Momma's going to pray....and listen to

                                                          I love you more than words can say, 
                                                          and Happy Valentines Baby Girl!!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Working Mom

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today to talk about being a working mom.  I recently went back to work when my daughter was about to turn 2.  I was able to stay home with her until that time and I'm so thankful.  While being a SAHM I also babysat to earn money and so that she would have someone to play with.  Addilyn was getting bored staying home all the time and since we were living on a small budget we couldn't just up and go to Chick Fila, or PlayWorld, or even driving around for that matter.  I began praying about what to do.  There was an opening at the same company I had always worked for.  I applied and got the job and most importantly, Addilyn got into a great school and her teacher goes to our church.  God worked all of that out...that's another post that I should do!   Anyways, so here I am a working mom and these are a few things that I do to make it work for us. 

1.  When we are at home I play with Addilyn as much as possible.  We read books, color, watch funny animal clips on You Tube, go fishing in the ditch outside or the potty inside depending on the weather, etc.  I don't want to rush home to just get the laundry going and work like a maid- I spend time with her first.

2.  My husband helps me.  I am blessed, I know.  Thank you Hubby!!  He helps get supper on the table or he plays with Addilyn while I get supper on the table.

3.  After Addilyn has her bath and the evening is winding down, I iron our clothes and lay them out on/across our kitchen table.  I pack her bag and make our lunch. This makes my morning run smooth.

4.  I menu plan.  I keep this on the refrigerator and even if we don't stick to it, it helps me know what we can make.

5.  I wash and dry a load of clothes every night. 

6.  I try to do one other household chore each night too so that I don't have to do it all at once.  One night I may vacuum, one night I may clean a bathroom. 

7.  We don't do a lot of extra stuff.  This keeps our life manageable.  We go to church on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday.  If I tried to go to every party, outing type thing then I would feel like my family and home were neglected.  Just my opinion.  Our Saturdays may only consist of going grocery shopping and playing outside, but we make it fun.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Momma's Scared...

Dear Addilyn, You have had strep throat 5 times in 5 months, 6 times in less than a year.  So, real soon you will be having your tonsiles removed.  I dread it.  I know you need this done so you won't be sick anymore but gosh....I know you're not going to understand any of it.  Not getting up at 5am, not being able to eat or drink, not the IV, not the pain....I so wish we weren't having to do this.  Then I think about little Stella.  She's a little 2 yr old who has brain cancer and has already been through so much.  I think about her momma and daddy, and little brother and what they have had to go through.  It makes my fears seem so silly.  Anytime I'm worried about something I'm always reminded it could be alot worse.  So....the count down begins.  I hope and pray this surgery will help you in the long run.  I hate it when your sick.  I love you so much and I pray that God gives this momma a peace and assurance during this time.  And, I pray that you will eat and drink afterwards.....  Love you, Momma

Sunday, January 29, 2012

2011 Fall Festival and Trick or Treating

Dear Addilyn, You were a cowgirl for our Fall Festival and Trick or Treating.  You looked so cute in your little boots and shirt.

You and Seth

Trick or Treating at Grandma Teen's house
You and Alli

I love you!!  Momma


Dear Addilyn, We visited the Pumpkin Patch 3 or 4 times just so you could ride the horses.  You also rode cousin Trey's pony a couple of times and we've gone over to Jessie's to see her minatures.  Here you are feeding Sunny, a tiny minature.  She ate out of your hand. 

Another day at the pumpkin patch.  I think this horse's name was Ronney.

Here you are riding with Ms Toby.  This was your 1st Trail Ride.

Anna-Kaye, Samuel, you and Ms Toby

Maybe someday you can get a real horse of your own....we'll see..
Love you,  Momma

Happy 2nd Birthday Addilyn

Dear Addilyn, On October 27th 2011 you turned 2 years old.  Everyone talks about the "Terrible 2's" but we haven't really experienced that yet.  I think you had the "Terrible Newborn and Baby Stage" so a little stomping of the feet and running away is nothing for us....we've got this!!!

You had a "Horsey" themed party.  Momma didn't get very many pictures because I'm a terrible at that but here are a few.

You received lots of horsey presents. 
Daddy and Momma got you a big girl bed.  You haven't been the best sleeper so we got a bed big enough for Momma to sleep with you.  It's soooo comfy!!  Either Daddy or Momma lays down with you at each nap and for bedtime until you fall asleep.  
Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Girl!
Momma and Daddy love you!!