Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random Cuteness

Dear Addilyn,  Here are a few of Momma's (awful photography skills) favorite pics of you.  You hated your swing...not sure how I managed to get this pic without you crying.

I was given some money from my aunt as a shower gift.  I went and picked out this outfit for you.  Red and favorite colors. 

Your 1st time to wear blue jeans! I remember laughing when I put these on you.  So cute.

This was your tutu outfit that Nana bought. Aunt Kimmy stopped by after school and dressed you.

Chubs in the tub!!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this outfit.  My friend from church lets me buy clothes that her little girl has out grown.  You wore this to a supper at church when we were welcoming our new pastor.

Pretty eyes

Talking on the phone. 

This was your Halloween costume for church.  I got this at a yard sale and thought you'd be so cute since we had a farm theme at our church's Fall Fest. was a little small so you wore overalls instead.
Momma's Little Lamb

Love you, Momma

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