Friday, November 18, 2011

Birthday Party for Cambelle

Dear Addilyn,  Remember when we were praying for Cambelle this summer?  Well, God healed her and this past weekend we celebrated her 3rd birthday!!  This is you at the party.  Not sure if this is before or after you had a bad fall but looking cute anyway.  I sent this pic to some of my friends at work and they all said you still look just like your Daddy.
Momma loves you!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Strep, Staying Home with Daddy, & Funny Texts

Dear Addilyn,  You have strep throat again so Daddy has been staying home with Daddy the past two days.  Here are some funny texts that your Daddy sent to me...I wanted to remember these.

"Had a good poopie.  Gettin Sleepy"   9:58am

"Ur baby is sleepin in my arms she wanted daddy"  2:03pm

"Ur baby slept to 4.  What u want for supper"  4:14pm

"Ok baby and stick horse r watchin spirit"  4:20pm


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blue High Heels

So funny to me...

My 2 Loves

Dear Addilyn,  You and Daddy looked so cute.....Momma just had to take ya'lls picture.

Love you,

My Little Artist


Pumpkin Patch 2011

Dear Addilyn, You and I had a great day at the Pumpkin Patch!!  I'm so glad we went.  There were no long lines like last year, it was a perfect day and you enjoyed everything about it!!  Here we are on the hayride.

Picking out our pumpkin.

Playing in the corn pit.

Your FAVORITE part was the horses!!
You rode this horse 3 different times!

My attempt at getting a close up.

You rode this train thing through the corn maze all by yourself.  Momma was a little nervous.

Back on the horse.  You were reaching for this wanted her to set you
on that horse!! So funny. She was your new friend.

Can't wait to go back! 
Love you,

Friday, August 19, 2011

Right Now...

Dear Addilyn, Right now you are sitting on my bed drinking Dr Pepper and eating M&Ms while watching your movie.  Ummmm, you're only 1.      

Monday, August 15, 2011


Dear Addilyn,  Cambelle's momma checked on you and said you were outside "having a blast".  I also just got a text from your teacher Mrs. Jessica saying that you were laying down and she was patting your back.  It's 11:55...can't wait to see you.  I've been getting lots of texts saying people are praying for us.
                                                  A couple more hours...Love you, Momma

1st Day of Daycare

Dear Addilyn, Right now you are at the childcare center/preschool/daycare...not sure what I will call it.  I hope to do another post with pictures later on today when I have the full days report...but just wanted to say Momma is praying for you as are many other people.  On the drive up this morning you were happy, watching Elmo and eating a blueberry muffin and gold fish.  I love you....can't wait to go get you EARLY.

                                             This is you on your very first day of Daycare!

                                                                 Love you,      Momma

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Fun & Cousins

Dear Addilyn,  Thank goodness for swimming pools and slip n slides!  Boy have you enjoyed yours!

This summer has been extremely hot!!  We've tried to keep cool in the water.

Samuel doing a little slip n slidin

I LOVE this pic of Seth and Samuel.  They are handsome little fellas.

Here are you and Alli

You and Anna-Kaye.  This was at Anna-Kaye's State softball tournament.

Samuel eating a watermelon that Daddy grew.  It was huge!! And good!

And lastly you playing with a ball.  You've really gotten good and throwing and catching balls.  Momma is so proud.  Can't wait to see you on the field!!

We are all so ready for Fall.  It has been like 100 degrees since May- with no rain either!
Love you, Momma


Getting Ready...

Dear Addilyn, We are getting ready for next week.  Next week is when I have to take you to the child development center...(I hate the word daycare- never wanted to put my child there- can't even say it).  This morning Momma had to go run an errand for her job so Daddy took off work to help.  Then we went and ate breatfast at Crackerbarrel and to buy your childcare supplies.  You got a bunch of diapers, wipes, and 2 new sippie cups.  We will also be taking your pink blankie and a crib sheet.  Momma's heart is already racing and we still have a week until the big day.  Today was also the first day of childcare for a couple babies from church.  I've been praying for their Mommas too. 
                                                       I love you....Momma

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Big Changes

Dear Addilyn, I can't believe I'm writing this post.  I remember the the first day I went back to work when you were 10 weeks old...I came home and put a for sale sign in our front yard and told your Daddy that I would live in a tent if I had to but that I was staying home with you.  I'm so thankful our house sold and my dreams came true.  I was finally a "Stay at Home Mom".  No, we don't live in a tent but we did make many changes and I've been so blessed to spend every hour with you.  You are now nearly 2 and really active.  I'd love to take you go see Winnie the Pooh, Branson, the Hot Springs Children Museum.  Soon enough, I will be able to.  Sometimes I feel guilty because you and I stay home (literally) and I think I may be doing more harm because I can't take you out to do things.  I want you to be confident, social, and experience life.  It's hard to experience life when there is no gas in the car.  Oh I know, because I have said it, there are so many things you can do at home and believe me you and I have done them!  We've taken walks down the road, we've rode in the wagon the Grandma's house, we've walked up the hill to Tim and Toni's to play on their swing set, we've gone to Rick and Blue's to see the animals, we've gone to the playground, we've gone to church gym and the nursery.  We've played on the slip n slide and in the pool, we've blown and chased bubbles, we've chased our chickens, we've spent countless hours in the airplane swing.......we've done all these things many times over and now you are bored.  Mommy is bored.  You go to the door and waive "bye bye" but I can't take you anywhere except to drive around down on the lake or sometimes to Chick Fil A.  I've done all I can with trying to stretch our babysitting money..but groceries and gas cost more.  So, we are about to have some changes.  Mommies heart is so full of emotions.  I love you so much and want what is best for you.  If I could stay home and still take you to play dates, put tires on Daddy's car, buy you a new Easter dress, pay for groceries instead of charging them, take you to Silver Dollar City then life would be perfect. But, that isn't possible.  One of Momma's old jobs is open.  It's a good job with lots of vacation, close to home, and flexibility.  I just so happened to see it posted.  (Thank you Lord)  I started looking for daycare.  I went to one last night and wasn't happy.  Last night I cried in bed and told your Daddy that if it was meant for me to go back to work then you would get into one that I really wanted, but didn't have an opening at this time.  Today I wasn't even excited for my job interview because I had already made up my mind that I wasn't taking you any other place.  I toured another daycare and left there nearly in tears.  I was going to get my phone to call your Daddy and tell him NO WAY when I saw I had a voicemail.  Guess what?  It was the one daycare I wanted and they just so happened (Thank you Lord) to have an opening today.  More tears!  Happy tears!  God worked it all out....... starting in a couple weeks you will be going to "school" and your teacher will be a girl from church.  Another girl from church works there too and your little cousin will be in your class.  The only thing that could be better would be if Momma was your teacher! ha .  Then you'd be even more rotten.  Momma loves you so much and I pray that you enjoy getting out more and playing with kids.  I really think your speech is about to explode.  I just pray you don't cry and hand onto me when I drop you off.  I really want you to like it.  Praying, praying, praying.....   Love you baby girl,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4th Wedding Anniversary

Dear Addilyn, Today is Momma and Daddy's 4th Wedding Anniversary.  We were going to go out and eat but decided not to.  Just to be real honest here kiddo we are completely broke and well, we don't take you out to eat anyways.  But, I plan to make a mean meatloaf (which your Daddy doesn't really care for but I've had the hamburger meat thawed for 2 days and have to do something with it) and fry up some okra from the garden.  We will eat and then go to church.  Perfect!  You know what would be a great anniversary gift??? Some RAIN!!!  And COOLER temperatures!  Gosh it's hotttttt!! We can't even go outside and play until nearly late in the evenings which makes for a very long day for you.  I've been taking you girls down to our church gym (air conditioned) to run around but that too is getting boring.  Can't wait for Fall. 
                                                                 Love you,

Monday, July 25, 2011

21 Months Old

Dear Addilyn, You will be 21 months old on Wednesday, Momma and Daddy's 4th Anniversary.  Here's what you've been up to....
* you recognize dogs and say "dog"  I think you really like them, too bad you are allergic
* you say "no no no" alot.  Probably because you hear it alot.  This morning you were walking by the tomatoe plants and you pointed and said "no no no".  Ha! Think I finally have you broke from picking Momma's tomatoes.
* Daddy and I bought you your 1st baby doll Friday night at Wal-Mart.  You loved on it while riding in the cart but came home and stood on it's head.  Good thing you're not getting a baby brother/sister now.
* You love to sing childrens songs.  You do the hand motions to Deep and Wide, If You're Happy and You Know It, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and march to others.
* You love to read books and act like you're talking on the phone.
* For about a month now you've been throwing small fits.  When you get mad you plop down on your stomach and cry.  I just ignore it.  That maybe good or bad who knows.  I just don't make a big deal and it only last a few seconds.
* Oh yea, last week you blacked my eye.  Seriously.  I was rocking you and you were wallering around and hit my eye with your steele head.  OUCH!
* You've been doing good in the church nursery.  Yesterday you stayed all morning and all night.  Now that you're finally used to it it's nearly time to move up.  You'll be going to the 2 yr old class a little early.
* You still adore Seth.  You like all the cousins but are crazy about Seth.  It's cute.
* Oh and a big one- recently you slept for 5 nights in a row without waking up.  We were on a GREAT streak.  Last night you were up from 12:30 to 1:30.  Streak is over.  Oh well.
* Another biggie- you've been off the bottle for 3 and a half weeks.  Now you won't drink milk at all.  The other night we fixed you a bottle just to see if you'd drink it and you made an ugly face and said "no".  :( I'll never have another baby on a bottle.  Boo.
* You can say "PeeBoo" which is Peek A Boo
*Also the last couple of times we have visited  Grandma Teen you have wanted her to hold you.  So sweet.
                                                              Momma loves you!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Praying for Cambelle

Dear Addilyn, Tonight we are praying for Cambelle.  She is your little 2 yr old friend from church.  Me and her Momma went to school and graduated together.  She hasn't been feeling good for a week now and tonight is her second night in Children's Hospital.  Tomorrow she is having more test and will probably be diagnosed.  Honestly I am scared to death.  I know that God is in control no matter what.  It's just so hard when little ones are sick.  I pray that tomorrow night we have good news from little Cambelle.  She is so beautiful and we need to see her big blue eyes open back up. 

                                               Love you, Momma

Monday, June 27, 2011

What You're Doing Now

Dear Addilyn, Lately you've been picking 2 of momma's green tomatoes everyday.  Momma doesn't eat tomatoes but I've worked really hard to grow some.  If you keep picking them all my work will be in vain.  Please stop!  You think they are balls cause you run to the porch and then throw them into my hydrangea bush and then look at me like "Get 'em".  Today you dumped out a whole box of q-tips in the bathroom floor and last week you threw your blankie into the toilet.  Terrible 2's???  And now you "throw" fits.  When you don't get your way you start crying and ever so carefully lay down on your back.  I think it's funny that you do this slowly so that you don't get hurt.  At least your smart.  Well, I think you're smart but you will NOT talk much at all.  Why?  Momma reads you books everyday and points to animals and says their names and trys to get you to repeat words but you just look at me.  I know you know what I'm saying but you won't talk.  At night you wake up around 3am and make the sound "uhhh, uhhhhhhh, UUUHHHHHH" louder and louder. That is your way of calling for me to come rock you.  Sometimes I get up and sometimes I just lay there wishing you would go back to sleep.  To be honest, if you would say "Momma" I probably couldn't resist and would get up everytime.  Maybe it's best that you don't talk right now.  Oh yea, we got some new chickens Saturday.  2 whites, 2 blacks, and 3 mixed  We got 4 eggs yesterday.  So glad to be back in the chicken business.  Well, gotta go for now. 
                                                                     Love ya,  Momma

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet Girl

Dear Addilyn, You have been such a sweet girl the past few days.  Momma and Aunt Karrie took you kiddos to the zoo on Saturday and you had the best time.  You sat in your stroller, enjoyed the animals and never fussed one time.  We even rode the train and then I put you back into the stroller and you were fine.  This may not seem that big of a deal to any other momma but, lets just say you have been a little difficult of a baby in the past.  Then, yesterday at church you did very well.  Momma stayed with you in the nursery but at least we actually stayed until church was over.  Well, actually Daddy did leave with you after Sunday School but that was because Momma had to keep the baby nursery. we went to visit your Nana and Pepaw and Granny and Papa and you were so SWEET.  I don't think we have ever visited them without you fussing ALOT.  I told Daddy on the way home that I think you are turning a corner.  I hope so.  I'd love ya anyways but it will sure be nice to be able to go places and enjoy our time.  I really think that you are getting older and understanding more which makes you more happy.  Now your Tigger movie is over and it's time to go outside and swim.  Momma loves you sweet girl. 

P.S.  We lost Strut and Gladys (2 of our chickens)  Daddy buried Gladys in the field.  Strut was never found.  It's ok though.  Daddy has a trap set and that killer coon better watch out!!

P.S.S  We made another trip to the storm cellar this week.  Just had to add that since you've been to the storm cellar more times than you have Wal-Mart. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Party with Mickey and Minnie

Dear Addilyn, You recently attended a birthday party for 2 sisters from church. You loved this particular ball pit play thing.
This one you weren't so sure about...

Eating 1 of the 4 main Food Groups- Birthday Cake!

And the best part....Mickey and Minnie Mouse!  I was so shocked that you weren't afraid of them.  You LOVED them!

Check out Momma's great photography skills...ha! I was trying to get a pic you admiring were running and giggling like crazy!

I didn't even get a pic of the birthday kiddos...too busy chasing you around.  We had fun and I'm thankful to the Fortner family for inviting us.

Love you, Momma

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Hate Allergies

Dear Addilyn, We have had a rough couple of days and nights because of your allergies.  Poor thing.  You have coughed until you've thrown up.  I've been giving you all kinds of cough medicine along with Zyrtec that you've had daily for about 2 months.  Yesterday I took you to the doctor and got some prescription allergy medicine- Singulair.  Hope this works!  You are just miserable, especially at night.  You have gained 2 pounds since we were there last on March 29th.  You now weigh 26 lbs and are just over 33 inches tall.  AND, I found a 20 dollar bill laying out in the parking lot! Woo hoo!  No cars close by so I assumed it was God's blessing!!  :)  I'm thankful because I need to give my cousin a graduation gift.  Speaking of this cousin, I use to babysit him during the summers when he was 1 and 2.  One day he was standing behind my mom's coffee table "preaching".  He would say "nuh nuh nuuuhhh NUH NUHHHH!"  Then he would turn around and say "Dats whut Jesus says".  I asked him who taught him how to preach and he said "Tim" who is our Preacher cousin.  I wrote all that down with the date and kept it but, looked last night and couldn't find it.  I wanted to give him that along with his graduation card.  Maybe it will turn up someday.  Oh yea, yesterday when we got home from the doctor your Daddy was outside working in the garden and you had so much fun running through the water sprinkler.  Daddy said you looked like a drownd rat.  That probably didn't help the allergy problem being outside running around but oh well.  Gotta go, Love you, Momma

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

The day you made me a Momma.  10/27/09

Dear Addilyn, You gave me my very first Mother's Day present tonight and it was so very sweet.  It was a cute card with a puppy dog on it.  You know Momma loves puppy dogs we just can't have one because you are allergic.  Daddy even tried to get you to sign your name.  Technically last year was my 1st Mother's Day but I guess you were too little to shop.  ha.  (Daddy said he's trying to do better)  Thank you Sweetie.  Momma loves you!

How Coupons Cost Me 5 Bucks in Gas and I Got Nothing

Dear Addilyn, your momma is always trying to save money.  Well lately since watching Extreme Couponing I jumped on the band wagon too.  It seemed pretty simple.  Get coupons, compare sales, make a list, and go shopping.  So there I was laying in my bathroom floor with the door shut (because when I was laying in the kitchen floor you were sitting on my back) and all my coupons spread out.  Writing down what was on sale and what I had coupons for....finally I had my list.  Daddy and I got you to sleep and put to bed.  It was 10pm.  Daddy thought I was crazy for going out that late but I was excited.  Excited because I was going to buy up many things we would use and save lots of money AND I was actually going to town by myself.  I love you and all but it gets old pushing a full buggy of groceries and carrying a 27 pound baby on my hip. I grabbed my list, my coupons, and my purse.  I purse I rarely EVER carry because you are always with me and I just keep my wallet in your diaper bag.  (see where this is going??) I drive to town listening to the radio instead of the Baby Nursery Rhymes dvd playing.  I go into Walgreens and start shopping.  Filled up my buggy with bath soaps, razors, tp, Mothers Day cards and 2 gallons of milk because it was on sale for $2.99!!  I'm feeling pretty good about myself.  Sure, it's late, I'm tired but I just kept thinking of all the money I was saving.  I stand in line. Yes, there was a line at 11pm.  Put my items on the counter.  Reach for my wallet.  Oh No! Where's my WALLET??? Who stole my wallet? This can't be happening.  I gather my items off the counter and tell the person behind me to go in front.  I look everywhere through that purse that I never carry.  I shamelessly go put my $2.99/gallon milk back in the cooler and ask the check out lady if I could put my buggy somewhere because I didn't have my wallet.  I leave empty handed.  The drive home wasn't as enjoyable.  I don't even think I listened to the radio.  Just kept thinking what a putz I was.  Got home at 11:30pm, slipped into your room very quietly, got the diaper bag and sure enough, there was my wallet.  I learned a few things from this..... #1.  Your always with me and you should be.  #2.  Going shopping late at night when your Daddy says it's ok but I really know he'd rather me stay home is a bad idea.  #3. Walgreens is out of most of the sales items that they have coupons for, I think it's a ploy to get you in there  #4.  I'm not really saving money when gas is $4.00 a gallon and I'm making a special trip into town to "save money".  To top this story off I called Walgreens the next morning to see if they still had my buggy, I mean, I did spend a lot of time making my list and shopping so I could have gone back and paid for my items....but, they had already put everything up.  Oh well......listen learned.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Dear Addilyn,  You are 18 months old and you have been down in the storm cellar more times than you have been inside a restaraunt.  On Monday night we were all at Grandma Teen's in the storm cellar when a tornado hit close by.  So thankful we are all ok.
Uncle Rick raised the door and stuck his head out a bit and heard it.  He looked at my Dad and said something like I think it went over your way Brother.  They left out to go check but the roads were blocked with trees and no one could get down there.

Here is Ryano's fourwheeler.

Your Aunt Kimmy, Aunt Karrie, and Papa and Mamaw's houses all had damage.
But, everything is fixable or can be replaced.

The important thing is we are all ok.  Driving around we have seen some poor people who have literally lost EVERYTHING.  Just this evening I was serving food at our church to familys who have nothing left.  One little girl who was very sun burned told me she didn't want to go back there and work tomorrow (in their pile of rubble-digging for belongings) because she was so tired.  She and her brother and sisters were inside their home when it was blown away.  Imagine those little kids trying to go to sleep at night...

I've been thinking about that song...
"God will make this trial a blessing, though it sends me to my knees, though the tears flow like a river yet in Him there's sweet relief, there's no need to be discouraged, there's no need to talk defeat, God will make this trial a blessing, just be patient you will see."

I'm thankful for you, I'm thankful for God's protection, and I'm thankful for storm cellars.
Love you, Momma

Friday, April 29, 2011

Working in the Garden

Dear Addilyn,  Daddy and Momma planted a garden this year.  You were a BIG helper!  Can't wait to have fresh veggies to go along with our fresh eggs! We are sooo becoming the Ingall's family!

There MIGHT be some dirt in that hair!!!

(we have since realized most of our stuff isn't growing-so looks like we may have to start over-ha!

Daddy planted you some blueberries and strawberries. Hopefully those will come up next year.  We'll see...
Love you, Momma

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Dear Addilyn, Happy Easter!!!  Momma thought you lookd so sweet in your dress and ruffle socks! Here are you and Daddy right before church.

Here you are hunting eggs at Grandma Teen's house with your cousins.

Love you, Momma

Saturday, April 23, 2011

18 month pics

Dear Addilyn,  Here you are at nearly 18 months!
You're getting so big!
Eating grapes in this one...

Right now you just came up to me and said "Bye" so I guess you want me take you somewhere. Ha.
Love you, Momma