Friday, April 1, 2011

March 29, 2011

Dear Addilyn,  I'm laying in the bed next to you as I type this, so thankful you're here and resting.  Just a few days ago on March 29, 2011, a day I will always remember just like July 6, 2004 when we nearly lost Seffy, you were so so sick.  On our way to Childrens Hospital I crawled into the back seat with you..I really thought you weren't going to make it there.  You were coughing constantly, gagging, and struggling to breath.  When we got to the hospital you were pale and sweaty.  After a few hours, chest and neck xrays, suctioning, and a dose of steroids we were able to come home.  Dx = Croup, along with the Strep throat you had already been dx with at the Peds office that morning.  Childrens Hospital was great.  And Addilyn, while you did catch your breath and quit coughing for a bit you were running around the waiting room like a crazy kid.  Climbing over chairs and benches, running away, bothering other sick kids who didn't feel like playing with you.  Your Daddy even said "Our kid is the worst one in here".  ha ha funny now.  Well guess Momma will get a little shut eye too while I can.....Love you, Momma

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