Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Addilyn

Dear Addilyn, On October 27th 2011 you turned 2 years old.  Everyone talks about the "Terrible 2's" but we haven't really experienced that yet.  I think you had the "Terrible Newborn and Baby Stage" so a little stomping of the feet and running away is nothing for us....we've got this!!!

You had a "Horsey" themed party.  Momma didn't get very many pictures because I'm a terrible at that but here are a few.

You received lots of horsey presents. 
Daddy and Momma got you a big girl bed.  You haven't been the best sleeper so we got a bed big enough for Momma to sleep with you.  It's soooo comfy!!  Either Daddy or Momma lays down with you at each nap and for bedtime until you fall asleep.  
Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Girl!
Momma and Daddy love you!!

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