Monday, April 2, 2012

Ballgame, Biting, and Big Girl

Dear Addilyn,  You're a biter.  Why???? Last week was bad.  Momma had to leave work and come get you at school to discipline.  Not good.  Kiddo, you have GOT to stop biting.  If you get kicked out of school (which you love) then we will all have to move in with Grandma Teen.  We love Grandma Teen, but she keeps it very warm and goes to bed really need to reconsider this behavior.  Momma has done a lot of reading and asking is suggested that you need an alternate way of expressing your frustration.  So, yesterday and this morning we practicing saying "No No No" while clapping our hands INSTEAD of biting when someone takes a toy away.  Cheesy I know but we've got to do something.  And we are praying....ALOT.  :)
Saturday we went to Anna-Kaye's ballgame.  You were so good!!  You stayed close to Momma and played with sticks.  Very thankful.  Hopefully we can go to many more this year.  It's so nice being able to take you more places now that you're getting to be a "big girl".  And speaking of being a big girl.. last night for the very first time you sat through church.  Yeah!!!  Momma is sooo proud!!  You were very quiet and played with colors and a few dinosours. One of which started roaring in the middle of church but I quickly put it away.   Oh well.....I love you so much!  I'm anxiously awaiting 3:30 to find out if you had a good day at school (and did not bite)    Love you, Momma

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