Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sweet Prayer

Dear Addilyn,
         Every night we pray before we tell the "Free (3) Bears" and "Free Pigs".  It's so sweet to hear you thank God for everything you did that day.  Last night at church was Senior night.  We were honoring the senior graduates (your cousin Ryano is graduating which is crazy to me..he should still be a 7th grader it seems) and we had a little finger foods potluck over at the gym after services.  Each graduate had a table decorated.  You kids were running and hiding under the tables.  Anyways, last night your prayer went like this.....

"Dear God, dank you dis day.  Dank you watch Diego. Dank you watch moobies. Dank you go to chuch. Dank you run fast. Dank you hide unda tables. Aaaaa-meeeeeen."

So sweet!  Momma is so proud of you.  I hope you always thank God for everything in your blessed life.

                                                         I love you, Momma

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