Monday, June 27, 2011

What You're Doing Now

Dear Addilyn, Lately you've been picking 2 of momma's green tomatoes everyday.  Momma doesn't eat tomatoes but I've worked really hard to grow some.  If you keep picking them all my work will be in vain.  Please stop!  You think they are balls cause you run to the porch and then throw them into my hydrangea bush and then look at me like "Get 'em".  Today you dumped out a whole box of q-tips in the bathroom floor and last week you threw your blankie into the toilet.  Terrible 2's???  And now you "throw" fits.  When you don't get your way you start crying and ever so carefully lay down on your back.  I think it's funny that you do this slowly so that you don't get hurt.  At least your smart.  Well, I think you're smart but you will NOT talk much at all.  Why?  Momma reads you books everyday and points to animals and says their names and trys to get you to repeat words but you just look at me.  I know you know what I'm saying but you won't talk.  At night you wake up around 3am and make the sound "uhhh, uhhhhhhh, UUUHHHHHH" louder and louder. That is your way of calling for me to come rock you.  Sometimes I get up and sometimes I just lay there wishing you would go back to sleep.  To be honest, if you would say "Momma" I probably couldn't resist and would get up everytime.  Maybe it's best that you don't talk right now.  Oh yea, we got some new chickens Saturday.  2 whites, 2 blacks, and 3 mixed  We got 4 eggs yesterday.  So glad to be back in the chicken business.  Well, gotta go for now. 
                                                                     Love ya,  Momma

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