Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet Girl

Dear Addilyn, You have been such a sweet girl the past few days.  Momma and Aunt Karrie took you kiddos to the zoo on Saturday and you had the best time.  You sat in your stroller, enjoyed the animals and never fussed one time.  We even rode the train and then I put you back into the stroller and you were fine.  This may not seem that big of a deal to any other momma but, lets just say you have been a little difficult of a baby in the past.  Then, yesterday at church you did very well.  Momma stayed with you in the nursery but at least we actually stayed until church was over.  Well, actually Daddy did leave with you after Sunday School but that was because Momma had to keep the baby nursery. we went to visit your Nana and Pepaw and Granny and Papa and you were so SWEET.  I don't think we have ever visited them without you fussing ALOT.  I told Daddy on the way home that I think you are turning a corner.  I hope so.  I'd love ya anyways but it will sure be nice to be able to go places and enjoy our time.  I really think that you are getting older and understanding more which makes you more happy.  Now your Tigger movie is over and it's time to go outside and swim.  Momma loves you sweet girl. 

P.S.  We lost Strut and Gladys (2 of our chickens)  Daddy buried Gladys in the field.  Strut was never found.  It's ok though.  Daddy has a trap set and that killer coon better watch out!!

P.S.S  We made another trip to the storm cellar this week.  Just had to add that since you've been to the storm cellar more times than you have Wal-Mart. 

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