Monday, July 25, 2011

21 Months Old

Dear Addilyn, You will be 21 months old on Wednesday, Momma and Daddy's 4th Anniversary.  Here's what you've been up to....
* you recognize dogs and say "dog"  I think you really like them, too bad you are allergic
* you say "no no no" alot.  Probably because you hear it alot.  This morning you were walking by the tomatoe plants and you pointed and said "no no no".  Ha! Think I finally have you broke from picking Momma's tomatoes.
* Daddy and I bought you your 1st baby doll Friday night at Wal-Mart.  You loved on it while riding in the cart but came home and stood on it's head.  Good thing you're not getting a baby brother/sister now.
* You love to sing childrens songs.  You do the hand motions to Deep and Wide, If You're Happy and You Know It, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and march to others.
* You love to read books and act like you're talking on the phone.
* For about a month now you've been throwing small fits.  When you get mad you plop down on your stomach and cry.  I just ignore it.  That maybe good or bad who knows.  I just don't make a big deal and it only last a few seconds.
* Oh yea, last week you blacked my eye.  Seriously.  I was rocking you and you were wallering around and hit my eye with your steele head.  OUCH!
* You've been doing good in the church nursery.  Yesterday you stayed all morning and all night.  Now that you're finally used to it it's nearly time to move up.  You'll be going to the 2 yr old class a little early.
* You still adore Seth.  You like all the cousins but are crazy about Seth.  It's cute.
* Oh and a big one- recently you slept for 5 nights in a row without waking up.  We were on a GREAT streak.  Last night you were up from 12:30 to 1:30.  Streak is over.  Oh well.
* Another biggie- you've been off the bottle for 3 and a half weeks.  Now you won't drink milk at all.  The other night we fixed you a bottle just to see if you'd drink it and you made an ugly face and said "no".  :( I'll never have another baby on a bottle.  Boo.
* You can say "PeeBoo" which is Peek A Boo
*Also the last couple of times we have visited  Grandma Teen you have wanted her to hold you.  So sweet.
                                                              Momma loves you!!

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