Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4th Wedding Anniversary

Dear Addilyn, Today is Momma and Daddy's 4th Wedding Anniversary.  We were going to go out and eat but decided not to.  Just to be real honest here kiddo we are completely broke and well, we don't take you out to eat anyways.  But, I plan to make a mean meatloaf (which your Daddy doesn't really care for but I've had the hamburger meat thawed for 2 days and have to do something with it) and fry up some okra from the garden.  We will eat and then go to church.  Perfect!  You know what would be a great anniversary gift??? Some RAIN!!!  And COOLER temperatures!  Gosh it's hotttttt!! We can't even go outside and play until nearly late in the evenings which makes for a very long day for you.  I've been taking you girls down to our church gym (air conditioned) to run around but that too is getting boring.  Can't wait for Fall. 
                                                                 Love you,

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