Monday, November 12, 2012

Grandma Teen & Sewing Buttons

Dear Addilyn,
Saturday night I was getting our church clothes ready and picked out your yellow and pink pig smocked dress.  But, a button was missing so I called Grandma Teen.  Grandma Teen has hundreds of buttons, needles, and thread.  (because she never throws away anything)  You momma didn't have anything to sew with.....nothing.  I can always call Grandma Teen and she will have whatever I need....sugar, eggs, bacon, Vicks rub, stamps, and needles and thread.  One time, when I was dating your Daddy, I wanted to wear this button up black shirt.  A button was missing so I went to Grandma's and sewed it up.  Your Papa Bud was still alive then.  Here it is 6 years later....maybe I should purchase some needle and thread alreayd.  Anyways, when I got home and started threading the needle your Daddy said I was doing it wrong so he took over.  He sat on your bed and sewed your little smocked dress up for church.....he's a sweet Daddy!!  The reason I wanted to post this is to remember 2 things.
1.  There is a reason Grandma Teen has kept all those Cool Whip tubs full of buttons and thread...someday, someone may need them. 
2.  When you were 3 yrs old your Daddy was sitting on the edge of your bed sewing a button onto your smocked dress.

Sweet memories!!

                                                                 Love you,  Momma

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