Monday, November 26, 2012

God is Faithful

Dear Addilyn,
I want to record this.....Last Sunday morning your Daddy told me he had some money for the "Christmas Family".  In our Sunday School class we take up money every year and then give it to a family in need.  Your Daddy told me that morning that he had $20 to give.  He wore a shirt that he had not wore since last year and later in the day, after giving his $20, he found another $20 in his shirt pocket.  Makes me smile.  You can never out give God!!!!  I hope we can teach you that as you grow up.
                                                                  I love you!!!

P.S.  Wednesday morning you peed on me in the bed.....I want to record that too!  ha!

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  1. I have a ten month old adilyn. Her sister who is four still sleeps with me:-)