Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Nickel Short

Dear Addilyn, There may come a time in your life when your BMI is considered in the "obese" range and you find yourself bringing a little Lean Cuisine to work for lunch.  I hope this doesn't happen, but I'm just saying.....  You eat it at 10:45am because you're starving and even look up the Weight Watchers points and feel good that you're only consuming 5 points.  But then 2:00pm comes and once again you're tummy is growling.  You know the lunch lady down the hall has already packed it up for the day so you rummage through your purse trying to find change for the vending machine.  You find .55 cents.  You look through every desk drawer in search of more change.  You know you're close....the price of crackers like everything else has gone up except for your paycheck.  Anyways, you take a deep breath and make the long walk down the hall which counts as exercise and only makes you hungrier...your eyes look the vending machine up and down until you spot the cheese crackers with peanut butter filling.  And then, at the moment, you see the price......60 cents.  DANG IT !!!!!!  There is nothing you can do at this point.  You've got 3 hours left of work...3 hungry hours.  But it's gonna be okay.  Hold your head up and walk back to your desk.  Sometimes in life you're gonna be a nickel short.      Love you, Momma

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