Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Day Flu

Dear Addilyn,
You and Daddy both had to go back to Primecare on Tuesday, New Years Day.  Apparently, when we were there on Saturday you guys caught the Flu.  Daddy went that morning, tested postive, and then went to stay in Greenbrier away from us.  You took a nap and woke up burning up with fever (again) so I called Aunt Kimmy and her and Alli came over and we all took you to the doctor.  You tested positive, Momma wanted to cry, Daddy came home, and there we sat for 3 days.  Today I'm at work and you and Daddy are at home.  You've not even played with your Christmas toys yet.  Sigh.  I need some help keeping you well.  Monday school starts back and I'm already nervous about what else you will catch.  I love you kiddo.  I hate that you've been so sick.  Maybe we should move to Arizona.    - Momma

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