Monday, December 31, 2012

Peeing On Daddy

Dear Addilyn,  For the record because I know you'll enjoy reading this one day.....
Yesterday morning Daddy was rocking you.  All of the sudden he said "Addilyn, did you pee on me?" And you said in your sweet little voice "Yes".  Daddy had to go take a shower.  Good times.....

We had a White Christmas....I took lots of pictures that I will hopefully get uploaded soon.  You received many gifts from everyone....a pink dune buggy, a four wheeler, a tent, princess book, a new coat, a Lalaloopsy mermaid doll, a back pack, princess lunch box, a Dora the Explorer car, and $20 and other stuff I'm probably forgetting.  Our electricity went out Christmas night so we had to stay with Papa and Mawmaw for a few days.  Friday night Samuel spent the night with us and you woke up burning up with fever.  Made two trips out to Primecare to find out you have a double ear infection AND the nurse thinks your tonsils are growing back.  Great.  Anyways.....long story short...with the electricity going out and us not having any heat your Daddy and began making plans to build a house with a wood stove!!  That night when you were so sick I realized that my plans aren't God's plans....and I need to wait on God.  What if I need to quit work to stay home with you?  I could do that now (even though you love school) but if we built a house I couldn't.  So, my goal for 2013 is to be thankful for what we have, content, and appreciative.  My desire is for us one day to have a house, but until God makes a way, I won't push it.  Last night we had testimony service at church and I was reminded to just wait on God's timing.  Toni and Erin sang "Did I Mention".  The song says "when there seems to be no way, He made a way".  God will make a way....I'm going to start praying diligently for God's will in our lives.  Momma has to do some you!  - Momma

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