Saturday, May 7, 2011

How Coupons Cost Me 5 Bucks in Gas and I Got Nothing

Dear Addilyn, your momma is always trying to save money.  Well lately since watching Extreme Couponing I jumped on the band wagon too.  It seemed pretty simple.  Get coupons, compare sales, make a list, and go shopping.  So there I was laying in my bathroom floor with the door shut (because when I was laying in the kitchen floor you were sitting on my back) and all my coupons spread out.  Writing down what was on sale and what I had coupons for....finally I had my list.  Daddy and I got you to sleep and put to bed.  It was 10pm.  Daddy thought I was crazy for going out that late but I was excited.  Excited because I was going to buy up many things we would use and save lots of money AND I was actually going to town by myself.  I love you and all but it gets old pushing a full buggy of groceries and carrying a 27 pound baby on my hip. I grabbed my list, my coupons, and my purse.  I purse I rarely EVER carry because you are always with me and I just keep my wallet in your diaper bag.  (see where this is going??) I drive to town listening to the radio instead of the Baby Nursery Rhymes dvd playing.  I go into Walgreens and start shopping.  Filled up my buggy with bath soaps, razors, tp, Mothers Day cards and 2 gallons of milk because it was on sale for $2.99!!  I'm feeling pretty good about myself.  Sure, it's late, I'm tired but I just kept thinking of all the money I was saving.  I stand in line. Yes, there was a line at 11pm.  Put my items on the counter.  Reach for my wallet.  Oh No! Where's my WALLET??? Who stole my wallet? This can't be happening.  I gather my items off the counter and tell the person behind me to go in front.  I look everywhere through that purse that I never carry.  I shamelessly go put my $2.99/gallon milk back in the cooler and ask the check out lady if I could put my buggy somewhere because I didn't have my wallet.  I leave empty handed.  The drive home wasn't as enjoyable.  I don't even think I listened to the radio.  Just kept thinking what a putz I was.  Got home at 11:30pm, slipped into your room very quietly, got the diaper bag and sure enough, there was my wallet.  I learned a few things from this..... #1.  Your always with me and you should be.  #2.  Going shopping late at night when your Daddy says it's ok but I really know he'd rather me stay home is a bad idea.  #3. Walgreens is out of most of the sales items that they have coupons for, I think it's a ploy to get you in there  #4.  I'm not really saving money when gas is $4.00 a gallon and I'm making a special trip into town to "save money".  To top this story off I called Walgreens the next morning to see if they still had my buggy, I mean, I did spend a lot of time making my list and shopping so I could have gone back and paid for my items....but, they had already put everything up.  Oh well......listen learned.

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