Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Hate Allergies

Dear Addilyn, We have had a rough couple of days and nights because of your allergies.  Poor thing.  You have coughed until you've thrown up.  I've been giving you all kinds of cough medicine along with Zyrtec that you've had daily for about 2 months.  Yesterday I took you to the doctor and got some prescription allergy medicine- Singulair.  Hope this works!  You are just miserable, especially at night.  You have gained 2 pounds since we were there last on March 29th.  You now weigh 26 lbs and are just over 33 inches tall.  AND, I found a 20 dollar bill laying out in the parking lot! Woo hoo!  No cars close by so I assumed it was God's blessing!!  :)  I'm thankful because I need to give my cousin a graduation gift.  Speaking of this cousin, I use to babysit him during the summers when he was 1 and 2.  One day he was standing behind my mom's coffee table "preaching".  He would say "nuh nuh nuuuhhh NUH NUHHHH!"  Then he would turn around and say "Dats whut Jesus says".  I asked him who taught him how to preach and he said "Tim" who is our Preacher cousin.  I wrote all that down with the date and kept it but, looked last night and couldn't find it.  I wanted to give him that along with his graduation card.  Maybe it will turn up someday.  Oh yea, yesterday when we got home from the doctor your Daddy was outside working in the garden and you had so much fun running through the water sprinkler.  Daddy said you looked like a drownd rat.  That probably didn't help the allergy problem being outside running around but oh well.  Gotta go, Love you, Momma

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