Thursday, May 5, 2011


Dear Addilyn,  You are 18 months old and you have been down in the storm cellar more times than you have been inside a restaraunt.  On Monday night we were all at Grandma Teen's in the storm cellar when a tornado hit close by.  So thankful we are all ok.
Uncle Rick raised the door and stuck his head out a bit and heard it.  He looked at my Dad and said something like I think it went over your way Brother.  They left out to go check but the roads were blocked with trees and no one could get down there.

Here is Ryano's fourwheeler.

Your Aunt Kimmy, Aunt Karrie, and Papa and Mamaw's houses all had damage.
But, everything is fixable or can be replaced.

The important thing is we are all ok.  Driving around we have seen some poor people who have literally lost EVERYTHING.  Just this evening I was serving food at our church to familys who have nothing left.  One little girl who was very sun burned told me she didn't want to go back there and work tomorrow (in their pile of rubble-digging for belongings) because she was so tired.  She and her brother and sisters were inside their home when it was blown away.  Imagine those little kids trying to go to sleep at night...

I've been thinking about that song...
"God will make this trial a blessing, though it sends me to my knees, though the tears flow like a river yet in Him there's sweet relief, there's no need to be discouraged, there's no need to talk defeat, God will make this trial a blessing, just be patient you will see."

I'm thankful for you, I'm thankful for God's protection, and I'm thankful for storm cellars.
Love you, Momma

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