Monday, March 5, 2012

Losing Weight

Dear Addilyn, Your fat momma has got to do something about this weight issue.  It keeps getting bigger! ha! Today I got up at 5:30am and walked on my treadmill.  Ate a salad for lunch...and a turkey sandwich.  And a...just kidding.  Anyways, I want to do this for you, for your Daddy, and for me.  Lets see where I'm at this time next week.  I love you!  By the way, today I didn't want to take you to daycare since you're still recovering from surgery.  Mamaw came over to stay...she called a little bit ago and said you were as mean as a snake.  ha ha ha.  What? My Baby????  She also said you slept till 9 which is unheard a bunch of Lucky Charms, a pancake on a stick, and were now eating dinasour chicken.  Oh yea, you pooped already too.  :)  Glad Mamaw got that one.   Gotta get to work...Love you, Momma

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