Sunday, March 11, 2012

Redneck Purchase

UPDATE:  After we got home and read the consumer reports on this product (and realized some unpaid bills) we decided to return it.  :(  We also were afraid you wouldn't be able to climb up it.  Lesson learned...make sure you REALLY REALLY need/want an item before purchasing it, loading it in your vehicle, and unloading it in your shed.....especially if the item weighs 100+ pounds and it takes a Target employee and a flat cart to do all of this...BECAUSE, if you have to RETURN the item it's a major pain!!

Dear Addilyn, Last night your Daddy and I made bought you this.............we have laughed because your momma bought USED tires for the car recently.....and we bought a USED truck for Daddy with 174,000 miles......BUT, you will have the best backyard water toy around.  We just hope your able to climb up it.  Can't wait for your cousins to come over and try it out with you.  No vacation this year....  :).  (actually, we figured that we could spend the money and go on a small vacation that you may or may not like...or we could buy this thing that we know you'll love all summer long)  We love you!!!  Daddy & Momma

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