Thursday, February 24, 2011

2nd Christmas 2010

Dear Addilyn, You were 14 months old for your 2nd Christmas.  Daddy decorated the outside of our house so pretty.  Here you are helping with one of the decorations.
Here you are rearranging the ornaments.

Our attempt at a nice picture in front of the church Christmas tree

Christmas Eve-leaving milk and cookies for Santa

Look what Santa brought!!!!!!

Your very own Kitchen Set!  And some Sid the Science Kid dvds.

This is your pretty Christmas dress that Nana bought for you.

And this is your slide that Papa and Mamaw got.  Papa had a rough time trying to get this slide.  I'm glad you like it so much!

You got many other lovely things.  You are blessed with lots of family.  "Santa Claus" is fun and I want you to have those memories because I do. However, I want to teach you about Jesus, the real meaning of Christmas.  He's the most important!!
Merry Christmas!
Love, Momma

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