Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!!!!!

Dear Addilyn, Your 1st Birthday was "Old MacDonald's Farm" themed.  You and I liked to go up to our cousins' barns and look at their animals so I thought that would be fitting.  Here is your barn cake and farm animal cupcakes.
Singing "Happy Birthday" to you

Yummy cupcake! For some reason you didn't tear into this one like you do at home.  I guess there was just too much going on.

You got lots of nice toys, clothes, diapers, movies, and even cash.  I think your favorite thing was this ride on dog that your Uncle Andy got you.  (this was a steal at a yard sale for only $1.00-crazy)

Aahhhhh Aahhhhh
Givin' lovins'

Aunt Karrie trying to hold you

Another fun toy even though you can't see it because Momma is a horrible picture taker.  I believe this was another great yard sale find from Mamaw. (we love a good yard sale find)

Happy 1st Birthday!
Love, Momma

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