Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beauties, Beaus & Books Pageant

Dear Addilyn, This is going to be a very short post without pictures because well, I didn't get any.  I entered you in a fundraiser pageant this past Saturday.  We went, we got dressed, we lined up back stage.  You kicked, you got down, you ran around.  I chased you, we lined back up, you fussed, kicked and got down and ran around some more.  Momma broke a sweat, caught you again, and lined back up.  You kicked, fussed and I told the volunteer lady who was trying to keep it quiet back there that we weren't doing it.  I changed your clothes and we went to the 8 Mile and bought corn dogs and tater babies.  All was well.  I believe this is the end to your pageant days.  Momma tried.....Love you anyways!

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