Friday, February 18, 2011

Going to Church

Dear Addilyn, I love getting you dressed up for church.  Daddy always tells me just to "pick something" but you've had so many dresses that sometimes it's hard to make up my mind.  There will come a day when you'll pick out your own clothes....I dread that.  ha!  But hey, a girl can't wear what Momma don't buy!  This is the very first time you went to church.  You were 3 weeks old.
Your Daddy took this next pic. 

I LOVE this little dress.  I ordered it from Etsy.  It's red (Momma's fave) and it has your name on it. You got to wear this one a few times to church.

Here's a few more.

4th of July dress that aunt Kimmy got

Aunt Kimmy made this pink dress.

You and Daddy
You are 15 months old in this one.  Aunt Karrie bought this dress for your 1st Birthday.

Love you, Momma

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