Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making Messes!

Dear Addilyn, You, like all kids love to make a mess! It's okay.  I love to photograph your mess! Here's a couple pics of you eating chocolate cupcakes. (this is one area where you definitely take after your Momma instead of Daddy-you LOVE chocolate!!)

And here you are eating some nasty canned spaghetti or something.  Thankfully, for you, I quit buying that stuff.
This is when you got caught emptying out your dresser drawer.  That's a guilty face!!  Probably would've been a good training moment but....I opted to laugh about it and take a picture.

Momma's new Parenting magazine and coupons...ripped and chewed.

And lastly, probably my favorite, you unravelling the toliet paper.  Again, a good opportunity to do some child training but....then what would I blog about.  Ha! I thought this pic was so cute.
Love you, my little messy child, Momma

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