Friday, February 24, 2012

In the Hospital

Dear Addilyn,  Today you had your tonsil surgery and we are staying the night in the hospital.  Right now you are asleep on your Daddy.  Thankfully the doctor upped your medicine and said you could have Motrin in between.  Maybe that will help with your pain.  Today has been rough.  I'm so sorry you are hurting and I've even second guessed my decision about this whole thing.  You've had strep throat like 7 times so I kept saying "Something has to be done!"  Now that you are in pain each time you swallow and can't eat I'm thinking "I'm the worse Momma ever!"   Just wish we could fast forward about a week......  You did so well this morning.  We woke you up at 5ish to be out here by 5:45.  You were smiling in the carseat and then fell back to sleep.  The nurse gave you some goofy medicine.... ha ha ha...wish I would have had that on camera.  You were lovin' life at that point.  It didn't get bad until we came to our you keep pulling at your iv, pulse ox, and bp cup.  (which momma took off of you twice)  Karrie brought you some balloons and stuffed animals in a gift basket, Pepaw and Nana brought you a book and Elmo toy, Kimmy, Alli, and Seth brought you a princess cup, dinasours, elephant, and red roses.  :)  As I'm typing this I'm reminded again about Trey, and Stella and all the other kids that have cancer and how their families have LIVED in a hospital...   And here I am thinking "woe is me" because we are staying 1 night.  I can't imagine what they have gone through.....makes me humble, and ashamed.  Guess sometimes you just need to stop and think about how blessed you really are........  I love you baby girl....Momma can't wait till you feel better and can go eat at Golden Corral again! (like we did last night for your final meal)  

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