Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Momma's Scared...

Dear Addilyn, You have had strep throat 5 times in 5 months, 6 times in less than a year.  So, real soon you will be having your tonsiles removed.  I dread it.  I know you need this done so you won't be sick anymore but gosh....I know you're not going to understand any of it.  Not getting up at 5am, not being able to eat or drink, not the IV, not the pain....I so wish we weren't having to do this.  Then I think about little Stella.  She's a little 2 yr old who has brain cancer and has already been through so much.  I think about her momma and daddy, and little brother and what they have had to go through.  It makes my fears seem so silly.  Anytime I'm worried about something I'm always reminded it could be alot worse.  So....the count down begins.  I hope and pray this surgery will help you in the long run.  I hate it when your sick.  I love you so much and I pray that God gives this momma a peace and assurance during this time.  And, I pray that you will eat and drink afterwards.....  Love you, Momma

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